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Hi I’m Tashara Corgwell Owner & Creator of 2 Real 2 MUTE Collection

The name comes from the many obstacles WE go through alone and unspoken but look like WE’RE okay. My brand was created to give you the chance to speak without talking. To show what you believe in through apparel. This is urban and modern fashion for all races and ages. It allows you to be YOU and DO YOU on top of looking bomb at affordable prices. Plus size friendly as well! Real life, real pain, real topics &apparel that describes me (I’m sure some of you can relate ) and give you all a chance to get to know me through my line. MY voice matters, YOUR voice matters . Whatever it is go for it regardless of the haters. Your Dreams and goals are definitely 2 Real 2 MUTE!!! Tell a friend or 10 about Us 😊

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